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New Dusk

His only question was if He should feel happy that his mother’s dream is now a reality or He should feel it disappointed for the manner it come into reality.

His mother’s dream was that his son should be a Prince and of course He is a Prince now. A Prince whose possession shifts every day and every night.

Whenever He brushes his childhood memory, He would find his Mother’s struggle as a Pi factor. Life took a different turn when his father was accused for raping a female in the paddy field and they had to elope from that village with empty hands and start their life from scratch. He cursed himself for being his son sometimes who was not sorry for family and he suddenly he felt thankful for the masculine characteristics that which he thinks he inherited from him.

When He left for big city, his mother came to a conclusion that all her miseries ended as her son would earn well and support them. He too with a great hope and ambition started finding for a job. It did not take him two weeks to spend all the money that his mother had got to him. He had to find a parallel source of income along with the main job.

Then he joined as a waiter, in a restaurant for night shift. Medium tall masculine guy, who is topped up by Curly hairs, Glittering eyes, alluring lips between Beards as thick as it can be, dressed up in White tucked shirt with black formal pants with a navy blue stripped bow tie stole the sight of every female who attended those so called higher level social parties.

Once so happened, he was spotted by a female aged mid-thirties who had visited the restaurant a prior day to supervise the birthday party of her fifty two year old husband. Even he did notice her as his colleagues had said that about her changed fate after getting married to her husband.

Next day after the party, she sent her driver to the place near by him with a message to him, stating she wants to meet him up personally at that moment. He had no idea of things happening around him. He boarded car and the driver took him to a flat. When he gets in the flat, he finds her in a jeans shorts and Chocolate brown strapless top. Nervous !! Scared !! He was worried of being in a trap !! The first question by her was asking him about himself and next question to him was, “Are you a Virgin ??” Speechless he was. She continued with a naughty smile, that his silence gave her answer. She made her steps towards him, which embarrassed him a lot. He was completely emotionless. He was blank. He was not able to realize what was happening to him. He made his move out. While he was busy moving towards door, she did not miss him to tell that driver will be waiting outside to drop him from the place where is picked from and he will there in the same place tomorrow to pick him up again !! He stood for a while and turned back at her.. She started walking towards him, “See, I have everything in my life… Money, social status, property, recognition, influence and what not.. I am not even asking me to love you.. I am just asking you to comfort me over bed, that too not free of cost.. I am ready to pay you on hourly basis also..”  He stopped her, gathering all her guts and said in a shivering voice that he is not type of Guy. At the next moment she said, “Neither I am such kind of female, People usually tend to have what they don’t have. You don’t have money and you want it. I don’t have pleasure in my life and you can give it to me.. Give and Take.. Now move for the day, think well and decide” He rushed.

He had a feeling of rape survivor that day. He wanted to share this but he couldn’t share this with anyone of them. He felt her words to be more practical and actually she had been successful in making him think. He decides to ask him mom, he rings her up and asks, “Mom which is more important, reaching the goal or the path by which we reach goal?” His mother said, “All is fair in love and war… There is nothing called good or bad, it’s all about perspectives” He was clear in his mind and he made his mind.

Next day, He went to the same location with mentally being prepared. He got in the car and when the destination reached he made up his mind stronger. When he entered the house he saw her waiting for him eagerly. Hesitated, nervous and what not !! She knew that she is going to enjoy his virginity. She showered all her energy on him and so did he. Many instances she helped him and she insisted on postures as well. The activity which lasted for two hours let her satisfied and tried. She asked for his purse and kept some currency notes in that before asking him to leave for the day. He moved out. He didn’t open his purse till late night, his need and ethics were having a great debate inside him. Winner was declared when he opened the purse and that is Need. It was more than that amount which he would not have earned working in two places for the whole month.

The very next day, he transferred all the amount to his mother mentioning that he got his salary. She was overwhelmed. AT last, Need won the battle !!

One, two, three, four and on and on…

This eventually expanded and Four years passed away in a blink.

The only better thing that happened was meeting up Raga, almost a year ago who was Seven months pregnant by then. She was also a need based female who was sold to a brothel house by her Paternal Uncle. He loved the way she carried her ethics and took a bold decision to give birth to her child where she had no clue whose was the reason behind it.

Before he could start up with a new thought, he observed other co-passengers assembling their belongings to get down of the train. He concluded that station has almost arrived. He woke up his mother, who was lying in his lap and his father who was asleep in other compartment. After gathering the bags, His mother looking at the asleep kids, pointing towards him said, “Look at them, Both of them are sleeping in the same position as you used to sleep when you were a kid, Like dad like kids” and She did hold one from Raga !! Raga had no words to express when he brought her near his heart proudly.

That Dusk in that new city, meant and Seeded hopes of happiness in all of them !!


Drama Queens

“Thank you.. Thank You..”

“OMG… My Pockets are full…”

“Thanks should be kept in heart, not in pockets..”

“I’ve reserved vacancy in my Heart for your love, that Space I font want to fill with your thanks..”

“Such a Drama Queens we are, Anyways Touched!!”

Life Like Her

Weekdays mornings would stab on her wounds in a worst manner. Few minutes that she spare, were the heavy minutes for her heart. It was the time when she takes a deep breath and think, “Wish I had a life like that of theirs.”

She was not jealous of the ladies who used to travel in AC cars!!

She was least bothered about the young dolled up girls who freak out there!!

She did not oat heed to the well-dressed ladies moving in and around!!

She did not bother for any worldly happiness that she witnessed in that tenure of waiting!!

But the females who comfort themselves in that Green Vehicle were always envied by her!!

Those ladies never gave an opportunity to her for moving eyes out of them..

When the Image of those ladies become blur from her sight, her heart would whisper, “Queen is Queen wherever & whatever she is, I wish I had a life like that of theirs!!”


Then her Dad was transferred again and she came to a new city. She was asked to be a Doctor where she was wishing to be an Advocate. Both the parties in her house were adamant and came to a conclusion and she was admitted to Speech and Hearing course.

New Place was not new, because she was used to new places!! Got good friends, but not close. When she entered third semester he did join the first semester. There she saw him for the first time when he was standing in the queue for admission!! Her heart missed a beat!! Handsome and not so handsome he was!! His killer smile did its duty!!

In the beginning of the next semester, She was speaking with a lecturer with respect to academics and there he comes to the same person with some query. The lecturer introduces her to him and asks her to help him in resolving that query. She was like, “Gosh, why me?” Then, Circles reduced!! Conversations turned from academics to personal!! They shared from roll number to phone numbers!! Guest became host!!

On a study evening, he was sitting next to her!! He was staring at her fingers which she had kept on the book. Though noticed, she kept it unnoticed. Gradually, he caught her hand. As a natural reaction she resisted it!! The harder she tried, harder the clutch was becoming.

“I caught your hand not to leave, but to hold it forever.”

Telling this he made it loose, and now she made the clutch tight.

Next day; He came to her,

“If I ask you something will you say no?”

“Yeah, I mean No… No I mean Yes..”

“Okay !! Okay !! Can You kiss on my forehead?”

*After few seconds, She Kisses on his forehead*

“I don’t have the habit of keeping loan, I was give back with interest”

*Kissed forehead followed by cheeks*



He grabbed her waist from left hand, eye in eye and he locked her lip. Nothing was expressed but everything was implied. Happy faces and Happy hearts. They were too perfect to each other in their imperfections.

It was a love story that anyone could dream off.

It was a love story where the previous minutes fight did not affect this minutes conversations.

It was a love story which made everyone envy.

It was a love story of a couple who made everyone raise their eyebrow.

Time as usual flew away and so She graduated and her Dad also took a transfer !!

Again new city and new place. The love between them grew stronger though they were away from each other. Video Calls, Messages, Letters paved way for their communication.

One Evening, at her work station when she was speaking him over phone, Her phone repeatedly lighted up as an unknown number was trying to call her. She ignores initially then makes up mind to answer that call. Receptionist of the Hospital, informs that her father has met with a major heart attack. She rushes, telling him who was in the other side of phone to wait for her.

Her father was in ICU and family members were standing out. She was blamed for not attending the call for so long. After a major surgery, she visits her father, occupies place next to him. He was staring at her fingers which she had kept on the bed. Though noticed, she kept it unnoticed. Gradually, he caught her hand. She was mum again.

“I don’t know how long can I hold this hand, but I have a last wish. Can you fulfill?”

“Yeah dad, your wish is my command”


“Ha.. Promise..”

“I know well and good about you and him. He may be good for you but he not the one for me.. I don’t want you to continue any sought of relationship with him”

Meanwhile Her phone vibrates And yeah It was HIM !! It was the 68th miss call in her phone.

She took a minute to opt.

“Dad, Your wish is my command”

Again wearing a smile, tear filled eye, broken heart she comes out.

Broken Sim card, Deactivated Social media Networks and again a new city.

Her father, got her married to a Guy whom he thought was apt to her. She nodded her head for anything and everything. She became a victim of the domestic violence in not more than 2 months. She was harassed for money, a princess was converted as a slave.

She couldn’t bare anything more and eloped from everyone leaving behind an “Apology letter” to her Dad.

She started leaving in a city where no one identified her.

Destiny has separate plans for all.

After one month, she identified a well – known personality over there. Ufff… Its HE. She missed a heartbeat again. She didn’t want to show her scared face to him, to which she had reasons better known to her. She Started walking away with heavy steps.

“I know, my make over made you not recognize me!! It’s okay”

“No.. Actually..  I did not mean.. It so happened.. “

“Okay !! Okay !! If I ask you something will you say no?”

“Yeah, I mean No… No I mean Yes..”

“You will never change and I knew it”

*Tries to cover her scared face with her handkerchief and become conscious*

“I am yours, only on three days… Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…”

*Removes her hand from her sacred face, clutches both her shoulder and continues*

“You are more beautiful then you were. Though moon has scares on him; he is adorable, Though the Lotus blossoms in a ditch; it is scared, Though the Ganga water flows anywhere; she is pure… The same way you are..”

“But things are not same as it was… I am …..”

“Now please don’t prompt me to close your mouth forcefully with my lips….”

*She adopts silence, he holds her hands and walk away*

That was the Happily ever after…

Destiny has its own plans for all. True love always wins.